Completed projects:


Intereuropean Human Aid Association (IHA) – Rapid Refugee Response Along the European Borders
Thousands of refugees are currently making the arduous journey to Europe. These people urgently need our help. The mission of the IHA is to provide fast and efficient aid and assistance for refugees during their journey. This is accomplished with teams of volunteers working in close cooperation with NGOs directly in the refugee camps forming along the EU’s outer borders.

Mellifera e.V.

Mellifera e.V.
Mellifera focuses on species-appropriate and ecological beekeeping.  Project: The European Commission has imposed a temporary ban on the use of several neonicotinoids owing to their negative impacts on bees. The manufacturers BASF, Bayer and Syngenta are challenging the ban in court. Mellifera and other beekeepers’ associations are involved in the case, which is being heard by the European Court of Justice.

Slope Farming

Stop CETA, TTIP Demo
In the autumn of 2016 the movement reached a crucial phase: shortly before the decisions on the conclusion of the free trade agreements with Canada and the United States, a broad coalition of associations and organisations came together in 7 German cities to protest against CETA and TTIP on 17 September 2016. Furthermore, the state governments were called upon to vote against CETA and TTIP in the Bundesrat (German Federal Council).